I have been an educator for over 20 years. Below are a few testimonials from fellow American Citizen Patriots.




Hey everyone! My name is Saira Mohammed and I was in Mr. Janecek’s AP US History Class. Jano is a really cool teacher who uses discussions and debates to help us understand what is happening in today’s world and connecting it to parts in history. I developed a really nice knowledge of the the government today and how it developed from yesterday. Honestly, while having political debates I still bring up historical references because Jano taught us how to connect the two times. I really loved his class and would go after school to have discussions with him often since the way he would bring in connections was really cool and he would do it while teaching me how to argue with and also understand both parties. This class will teach you a lot about history and how it relates to politics and you should definitely take it.

Saira Mohammed

AP US History Class

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