• National Social Studies Standards: All lessons will connect to (maybe all together) (

Who can sign up?

  • Anyone Interested in learning more about our great nation
  • Current High School public or private and homeschool students
  • Experts who love the subject and enjoy hearing multiple points of view
Units Covered

Current Events Overview
Introduction Lessons – “Unlearn what you have learned.”

  1.  Native Peoples and Colonization 1491 – 1763
  2. The American Revolution 1763 – 1791
  3. The Early Years 1791 – 1824
  4.  Jacksonian Democracy & Manifest Destiny 1824 – 1848
  5. The Civil War Years 1848 – 1877
  6. The American West & The Gilded Age 1862 – 1901
  7. Imperialism & Progressivism & WWI 1851 – 1914
  8. Roaring ‘20’s, the Great Depression & The New Deal 1920 – 1941
  9. World War II 1933 – 1945
  10. The Cold War & The Postwar Boom 1945 – 1961
  11. Civil Rights JFK & the Great Society 1954 – 1968
  12. The Vietnam War & the 1970’s
  13. The Reagan Era 1980 – 1992
  14. A New World Order 1991 – Present

What you will Learn

By the end of the course …

  • You will enrich your knowledge base in a stimulating Socratic journey
  • You will learn notetaking, listening, writing and speaking skills
  • You will learn to cherish, protect, & defend the ideals of America
  • You will learn of our triumphs & our failures
  • You will be able to speak to the values that unite all Americans
  • You will learn how to separate fact from fiction
  • You will learn the art of rhetorical persuasion
  • You will be able to connect the dots
  • You will be able to predict the future
  • You will learn more about yourself.
  • You will learn what it means to possess “Civic Virtue”
  • You will approach learning as a lifelong endeavor
  • You will realize how much we don’t know
  • You will learn to become academically self sufficient
  • You will learn to truly think for yourself

What will we do differently you may ask?

  • Nothing that I have not passionately done for the last 20 years. We will study the History of the United States, from the first civilizations who lived in the Western Hemisphere before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, right up to the present. We will discuss the potential impact of the results of the 2020 election. We will explore why today seems so surreal, and how our nation got off track. Simply put, we will have the conversations that do not happen as regularly as they should behind the closed doors of public education.
  • We will study American History chronologically as that is how time unfolds for us. We will consider all economic, political, and social variables as we analyze cause and effect and conflict. We will look at the impact of significant events, individuals, and movements that make American History unique.
  • All of this we will do not only with an open and engaged mind, but also a firm and grounded appreciation of the benefits and values of Western Civilization. A deep classical education and an equally passionate spiritual education equipped the Founding Fathers with such heightened awareness that they moved the world toward the actualization of true republican government. We are the longest lasting Republic in world history. We have to keep it.
  • At the end of your journey at MrJ – USA you will leave with higher expectations for yourself in the pursuit of truth and the duty of responsible citizenship in the most liberty minded nation the world has ever known.
What you will need
  • A computer with reliable internet connection
  • Zoom installed and functional
  • Suggested: Notebook for Reading and in-class notes & pen or pencil
  • Textbook: The Americans or The American Pageant

Purchase Used textbook either form (See textbook TAB)(cheapest)

Prices range from $5 — $100 through used books sites

Digital copies and licenses can be purchased by individuals through McDougall Littel “The Americans”
Would have to contact company directly/or buy used

Cengage: The American Pageant (AP US History book)
For purchase new if interested

How you will learn
  • Powerpoint/Google Slides Lectures & Storytelling
  • Daily reading assignments (30 minutes on average); various Primary & Secondary source readings
  • Film and video clips
  • Guest Speakers
Premium Services
Prices vary depending on time

We have an essay option for the course.  If you would like to purchase this feature please contact me by email.  This service requires more one on one time and meetings to conference and work on the skill of essaying.  The essay assignment is a long term thesis paper due during the 2nd Semester.

If you are interested in either of these services please reach out to me individually via email.


Behavior & Class Guidelines Disclaimer: #1 Follow the Golden Rule
The content and film clips used may at times contain graphic violence or harsh language. We will also see thoughtful analysis from the greatest minds of the past and today ranging from Ben Franklin & John Adams to Noam Chomsky & Jordan Peterson.